Yerba Buena

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The translation to english means (according to google translate) “Good Grass” – not a clue how this has anything to do with a latin restaurant.
YB&Co. which owns Yerba Buena on Ave. A and 2nd Street also owns a few other NYC restaurants, including Toloache (Taqueria & Bistro Mexicano) and two YerbaBuena locations.
I went there with a group of girls so we opted to share a bunch of appetizers as opposed to ordering entrees. The selections:
 Tilapia Tacos w/ Chipotle Slaw
Chicken Empanadas
Not pictured:
Blue Corn Meal Crusted Calamari (yes they were blue!)
Potato Mushroom Croquettes w/ Truffle Cream

Oxtain + Noodles
Guac (way to small for the $10 price tag)
BBQ Beef Arepas (amazing)
Heart of Palm Fries
Sweet Plantains + truffle cream
They also gave us complementary champage and dessert (chocolate lava cake with insane mint ice cream) for my friend’s birthday which was awesome
Overall – dishes were small (we had to order 2 of each), and somewhat expensive, but the food was delicious
23 Avenue A NY NY 10003
Rating: A
Yerba Buena on Urbanspoon

Yerba Buena: 23 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009, USA

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