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pardon my dramatics. I’m hungover, it’s Friday morning, and I’m writing a restaurant review. Something seems off.
Introducing, Degustation. Yes, that is the actual restaurant name; I am not that hungover. I bet your thinking, “why would I want to eat at a restaurant that’s name sounds like disgusting” or “sounds like it will give me indigestion”. Ok maybe that was just me.
Time for your vocab lesson of the day – Degustion means, taking a small amount into the mouth to test its quality. Interesting.
Well, you hypocrite, stop judging a book by its cover and step inside.
Not too far in though. Or you might hit a wall. This teeny restaurant only seats at most, 20 diners. So plan on getting there early or waiting it out for a seat at the dining “bar”, where you will get a front and center view of the chefs who are preparing your meal.

As I’m sure you know by now, and if you don’t – please take note, I am a huge fan of tapas. It allows me to order five plates without looking like a fatass. And as luck would have it, this Spanish restaurant is serving up quality eats a la tapa style.
I opted out of the tasting menu. I wasn’t feeling the sardines.
And now for my order; drum roll please


Croquetas, Ham & Apple: You can’t really go wrong with croquetas. Nothing fancy, they were decent.

Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortilla w/ Quail Egg and Shallot Confit:  Sounds weird, tasted good

Squid Stuffed Oxtail

Squid Stuffed Oxtail w/ Octopus Ink Risotto: This is no longer on the menu and I am not sure why. It was my favorite dish of the night & I’m pretty sure they need to add it back on.

Lamb Loin

Lamb Loin: Again, decent.
Carmelized Torija: Delish. Order it.
**UPDATE** Written pre-Celiac diagnosis
Rating: B+
Pros: Tapas, YES! Unique, thoughtfully prepared food.
Cons: Limited selection, must have a palate for foie gras, anchovies, sardines.. you get my drift
Degustation on Urbanspoon
Degustation: 239 E 5th St, New York, NY 10003, USA

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