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Snugly hidden on W. 10th Street, if you aren’t looking close enough, you can easily walk past Alta without even knowing it!
As you know, I am a huge fan of tapas (aka sharing dishes/trying everything) and brussels sprouts, both of which were offered here.
Gentleman, if you are looking for a date spot, look no further. I’ve actually been brought on two separate dates here. Candlelit ambiance, small plates to share, bi-level and even a hidden dining room past the kitchen.
Oh and did I mention the sangria that will cause you to blackout after two glasses? Unbeknownst to my suitors, I knew all about Alta’s sangria and opted for a vodka soda or glass of wine. Plus, it is a little to fruit juicy for my sangria taste.


I was pleasantly surprised when I last went and mentioned to the waitress that I add had a gluten allergy, only to hear her chirp like a happy little bird, “We have a gluten free menu! I will bring it right over”. Perfect, expect for the fact that half the good stuff was left off my measly menu.
Luckily, it did include my favorite dish of Alta’s repertoire:

Brussels Sprouts

Crispy Brussels Sprouts: fuji apples, crème fraiche, pistachio nuts (gluten-free): A-maze-ing. Did I mention these were amazing? Phenomenal. Had I not been on a date, I would have been licking the bowl.

Fried Goat Cheese


Fried Goat Cheese: with lavender infused honey:  I love goat cheese and I love honey, so really leaves nothing not to love about this dish. Expect the fact that it’s not gluten-free & I can’t eat it.

Tuna Tartare cold eggplant noodles, pistachios, caperberries (gluten-free without the noodles): Not your traditional tuna tartare. In fact, it was absent the classic tuna tartare staples; avocado and soy sauce. I went sans noodles and it was decent. I did like the crunch the pistachios added.
Smoked Duck Breast apricot mostarda, candied Marcona almonds, pickled shallots (gluten-free):  I am not a huge duck fan so I can’t be the best judge on this. I did like the smokey flavor though. Could have done without the foam. And honestly, what purpose does foam on a dish serve? Unless you are washing dishes, leave it off.

Bacon Wrapped Dates/Olives


Bacon Wrapped Dates & Olives stuffed with almonds (gluten-free): The dates I was a fan of. The olives, not so much. Go with the dates Alta.
This is only a sampling of what I have ordered over the several times I’ve been here. If you are feeling frisky, and super hungry, you can always go for the Whole Shebang. That’s right folks, one of everything on the menu for $440.
Rating: B
Pros: Warm, comforting decor, excellent brussels sprouts and small plates to share.
Cons: They certainly can step up the food presentation/preparation. Tapas are best served slowly, not with 6 dishes thrown at you at once.

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