Town Hall Deli

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I typically berate my home friends about the fact that they are still living in the armpit of America (which is New Jersey in case you were living under a rock) while there is one of the most amazing cities in the world less than 20 miles from their home.
However, I can confidently say that NJ does still stake claim to some delicious grub that even gets me hopping the Hudson on a (rare) occasion.

Town Hall Deli

My father grew up in South Orange, NJ and introduced me to the Town Hall Deli at an early age. Their famous sloppy joe’s became a “treat” we received after visiting my grandparents who lived nearby. 
In retrospect, it is pathetic that I was constantly bribed with food (ie: if I sat in the day care at the gym while my mom worked out, I received a pineapple juice and french toast). Wow, my fatass food obsessions are starting to all make sense! 

The Montrose Joe w/ Ham Turkey & Swiss

If I could eat one sandwich for the rest of my life, this would be it. Please do not remind me, because I just reminded myself, the horrendous fact that I can’t eat the damn bread. But I do plan on going back here and either a: suffering from severe stomach pains/allergic reactions or b: bringing some tasteless GF bread to use.
Crafted up with the delicate, artistic and detailed accuracy that is akin to Michaelangelo creating The David, this sandwich is truly a work of art.
So next time you are find yourself aimlessly driving around NJ and looking for something good to eat, remember the Town Hall Sloppy Joe.
The Manwich should be ashamed.
Rating: A+
Pros: Layers of melt in your mouth sandwich heaven.
Cons: $17.95 for a full sandwich – but worth it! (if a half could keep me full, it certainly can for you too)
Town Hall Deli on Urbanspoon
Town Hall Deli: 60 Valley St, South Orange, NJ 07079, USA (973) 762-4900

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  1. NYCGrubber

    If you bring gf bread in, we’ll gladly make you a Joe on it. 1 block away from midtown direct if you do not want to drive-

    Tony from Town Hall

  2. thanks tony!! i will make the trip sometime soon!

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