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With fond memories of the beautiful sea side aesthetics that almost seem surreal, I frequently find myself dreaming of my trip to Greece.
Luckily, I can make an escape for the night by walking a mere 100 feet to the corner of my block on 51st and 1st Ave. to Ethos and be transported to a true Greek eatery, minus the 10 euro flat rate fee for bread and water.

Real Greece – This is not a postcard, what you are seeing is real and was shot by me. I know – gorgeous.


Fake Greece – Ethos on 51st &1st

There also is an Ethos Tavern on 33rd street in Murray Hill, for the nights when you don’t feel like dining so fancy.
I’ve tried a slew of things on the menu. [random thought: slew - what a weird word. Its like slaw + new.] As I was saying, I’ve tried a slew of things on the menu and Ethos never seems to disappoint.
My typical orders consist of:
Avgolemono (gluten-free sans orzo): Or in English, egg lemon soup. Slightly thicker than your grandma’s chicken noodle and hellah good. Usually comes with rice but Ethos serves it with orzo – the horror! I asked for it sans orzo and my wish became reality.
Imam (gluten-free): Stuffed eggplant with onions and tomato sauce. Next time I go I will take a picture of this because their presentation is stellar compared to others I’ve tried. So good. That’s all.
Gigantes (gluten-free): Giant Greek lima beans in sauce. Sounds weird right? Just like onions wrapped in eggplant sounds strange, but is also so good.
Horiatiki (gluten-free): A true Greek salad, sans lettuce with large chunks of fresh veggies. My only complaint – they raised the price to $15 dollars, which means close to $18 dollars (tax + tip) to have this thing delivered! I could probably pay my doorman to walk to Food Emporium, buy me the veggies and make my own salad and still pay less.
The list could go on but I’m getting hungry writing this and want to go eat lunch so that’s all your getting.
I will add one more thing though. If you eat in or even order for delivery, Ethos always throws in good bread (who cares – bread sucks) and free dessert, which is usually a baklava style pastry. Yup can’t eat that anymore either.
Wellll the last time we dined in, my very nice waiter remembered that I was GF and brought me out Greek yogurt with honey & walnuts instead- so sweet! I tried swinging the same deal when I got delivery but no luck.
Rating: A
Pros: Truly authentic Greek cuisine that is delicious.
Cons: They should always give you the option of yogurt for dessert! And should lower the price of the salad. Then I’d order from there daily.
Ethos Restaurant on Urbanspoon
Ethos Gallery: 905 1st Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA

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