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We recently celebrated one of my besty’s birthday’s by dining at Ideya in SoHo.
Being that she is from big ol Tejas, she usually likes to hit up some type of Mexican/Southwestern/Latino spot on her big day - which is totally fine with me since it happens to be one of my favorite food genres and typically is very Celiac friendly.
Since I got there on time, which is considered early for everyone else, I set up shop at the bar and ordered a Jalepeno Margarita:

Jalepeno infused vodka, triple sec, lime juice & mango juice

The bartender seemed to be a very friendly dude and even poured me a shot of Licor 43, shaken with condensed milk & cream – which tasted like a milkshake.
Since it was way past my feeding time, I became immediately envious of the couple eating plantains & salsa next to me. I asked the bartender for an order and how much to pay, in which he replied: “For you, free”. How sweet – except for the fact that I later realized these plantains were served for free to the rest of the table when we sat. 
 I controlled the urge to walk back to the bar and steal back my very nice tip. On to the food.

Bistec de Argentina

Bistec de Argentina: sliced skirt steak, Ideya chimichurri, papaya barbecue, boniato fries (steak is gluten-free): The fries look great but I didn’t try any. I did have a bite of the steak and it was good – not too dry & I like skirt steak since it’s thinner than most other cuts.

Corn on the Cob

Mexican Spiced Corn on the Cob: grilled corn on the cob, chili crema, queso fresco (gluten-free): This is tough category to compete in with places like La Esquina & Cafe Habana killing the competition. However, it stacked up pretty nicely! 

Vegetables Ideya


Vegetables Ideya: grilled zucchini and eggplant terrine, warm chick pea, corn & goat cheese salad, smoky ancho chile salsa (gluten-free): This reminded me of the Imam from Ethos but with a Latin twist. It was quite amazing – just the type of dish I could happily eat daily.


Ensalada de Pulpo

Ensalada de Pulpo: grilled octopus, chayote, & orange, wilted frisée, mint-cilantro vinaigrette (gluten-free): This was the b-day girl’s order. I asked for her expert review in which she replied, “It was ehh.” That’s it, just eh? “Yeah, eh”. There ya have it people!

We also got some Camarones (grilled shrimp, mango salsa, cilantro pesto – gluten-free), which you can order by the piece. They were tasty.
We topped off our dinner with the Ideya Sundae (dark chocolate & vanilla ice cream, banana frita, chocolate sauce, spiced pecans, whipped cream (gluten-free sans frita)), finished with a candle and a serenade for the beautiful birthday girl! I’m sorry, I had no energy to make her a cake this time around, but I am drawing her a picture so I think that more than makes up for it!
Following dinner we sung our hearts out at Biny, which was pretty much a Japanese karaoke bar. Make sure you get a private room.

Rating: A
Pros: Everything I had tasted great. Lots of GF options.
Cons: I ate the entire basket of plantains

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Ideya: 349 W Broadway, New York, NY 10013, USA (212) 625-1441

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