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I’ve heard so much about ChikaLicious, I knew it was only a matter of time before I made my way down to this East Village sweetery. The one thing I didn’t know? That I would be diagnosed with Celiac before I had the chance to sink my chompers in one of those amazing looking cupcakes.



Yup, they looked good. Reaaaaalll good. But honestly, who needs cupcakes when you got vanilla custard? That was a joke, but their custard was pretty good. I think the macaroons were GF but I was in an ice cream mood.

My friend got the hazelnut nutella cupcake:



While the dessert club was teeny tiny…


…the dessert bar across the street apparently seats 20.
I decided to recently go back and try the dessert bar out for myself.

There wasn’t too much that was gluten-free but as soon as I saw the crustless (gluten-free) cheesecake, my decision was made. In [we had try more than one thing] fashion, we decided to get theΒ Amuse: choice of dessert & petits fours
(with wine pairing, $8 additional). All GF & with the wine, obviously.

(GF) Fromage Blanc Island "Cheese Cake"

(GF) Fromage Blanc Island “Cheese Cake”


Paired with…


Alvear Pedro Ximenez 2008

Alvear Pedro Ximenez 2008


Also served with:
(GF) Basil Sorbet with Mango Puree

(GF) Basil Sorbet with Mango Puree


(GF) Coconut Marshmallows

(GF) Coconut Marshmallows


I asked for extra marshmallows but they weren’t having it. Did I think it was delicious? Yes. Would I rather go down the street and grab a macaron ice cream sandwich from Macaron Parlour? Definitely:


(GF) Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

(GF) Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches


And the money shot:


(GF) Care Bear Stare w Salted Caramel

(GF) Care Bear Stare w Salted Caramel


And if I was you, and by you I mean a human that can eat gluten, I would totally be getting this sundae (via

Red Velvet Sundae


Rating: A
Pros: Delicious. Seriously, do I need to explain?
Cons: Not a lot of GF options
ChikaLicious Dessert Bar on Urbanspoon
ChiKaLicious Dessert Bar: 204 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009, USA (212) 995-9511

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  1. I just found out that chikalicious now offers gluten free cupcakes but you have to order them by the dozen. Haven’t tried them yet but if they’re 1/2 as good as the cupcakes tasted before I had to go gluten free then they’re still probably amazing!

  2. Amazing thanks for sharing!! Let me know if you try them/how they are!

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