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While scouring the internet for a casual spot to have dinner in the EVil the other night, my friend suggested Cafe Orlin, mentioning she’s been there often and it has great food.

Never being one to pass up great food, or Israeli food, or a new spot, I decided to give it a go.

Minus the yellow lit “Cafe” sign outside the restaurant, you could easily walk past this spot without even recognizing it.

Per the usual, I was stahvinggg, so we immediately ordered the hummus (side of cucumbers for the GF girl).

I was happily surprised to see the cukes were sliced in chip like fashion, perfect for dipping & wrapping!  The added touch of tomatoes and onions made this hummus fab. So fab, we ordered a second one.

For dinner, I got:


Baby Red & Golden Beet Salad w/ pears, goat cheese and pistachios over mesclun greens in sesame dressing (gluten-free): This was a daily special. I love me some beets (acquired taste but now I cannot get enough) + goat cheese? Yes. I substituted for shallot vinaigrette for fear of gluten. Not huge – perfect sized and delish.

My friends both ordered:

Grilled Shrimp Salad with mixed greens, red pepper, onion & sesame vinaigrette (gluten-free): Rave reviews from the peanut gallery.

For dessert we shared:

Flourless Chocolate Cake w/ homemade whipped cream and chocolate sauce (gluten-free): We weren’t going to get dessert, but as soon as I saw flourless + chocolate + cake, I was hooked. GF, you kidding me? Shit was bananasss.
Before I go, I got to let all you non-celiacers know that after scouring the internet, I came across a few menu items that legit made me depressed because I can’t eat them (and you definitely should asap):
Pumpkin Pancakes w/ cinnamon yogurt: Ummmm, ya gots to be kidding me. Can someone say uh-mazing?
Mushroom Ravioli in walnut basil cream sauce: Someone is trying to torture me!!! No seriously, I am being punished for being some type of abusive wife beater in my past life, I am convinced.
Please enjoy these for me (but not too much).
Rating: A+
Pros: Good service, not too crowded (at least when I went – I heard brunch gets a crowd) & delicious, inexpensive food.
 Serious Cons: I can’t eat the ravioli or pancakes.
Cafe Orlin on Urbanspoon
Cafe Orlin: 41 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003, USA (212) 777-1447

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