13.1 and 1849

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Having successfully completed the 13.1 mile NYC half marathon in 2 hours and 6 minutes, I thought it was only right to celebrate with large glasses of vodka and tons of food.

We started off with brunch at The Smith, bloody marys at Amity Hall, dinner at GMT Tavern and late night grub at 1849.

Our original intentions upon going to 1849 were to grab one last drink before we headed our sloshed selves home. However, when a plate of nachos landed on our neighbors table, I couldn’t resist the urge to ask the waiter – “are those gluten free?”. Because if they were, it was clearly a sign that we should be ordering them immediately.

Anddd they were:

Maybe I was drunk, maybe I was happy to be eating something other than a salad or grilled chicken, but I thought these were pretty damn good. My only complaint was the beef we added wasn’t ground, more like tiny strips.

Didn’t stop us from nearly licking the plate clean.

And speaking of nachos, one of my favorites in the city is El Parador:


These are nach-o average nachos – more like a mexican pizza, but damn near amazing. Haven’t been recently to check the gluten status, but if you have, let us know!

Rating: B
Pros: Plush red couches that you can practically fall asleep in drinking a vodka soda.
Cons: To be honest, I was to unaware of what was going on to give you any cons.Β 

1849 on Urbanspoon

1849: 183 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012, USA

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