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As much as I love NYC, I will take up any opportunity to travel near or far, to see what this world is made of. It does make sense seeing that I noted “Explorer” as what I wanted to be when I grew up in my 5th grade yearbook (not a lie).

My most recent venture landed me in Portland, Maine. Typically when you hear Portland you think of Oregon. However, this small seaside city should not be overlooked. It’s the home of some delicious grub and small town charm that could even melt of the heart of Iron Mike.

While I had my heart set on lobster, lobster bisque, lobster rolls and more lobster, we decided to try Fore Street for dinner based on recommendations and convenience (right behind the Hilton we stayed at).

What I found most interesting about this menu is that it changes daily. So it took some questioning to find out what exactly was gluten-free but alas, figure out we did.

We started off with a seasoned menu item that never changed:

Wood-Oven Roasted Mussels (gluten-free): As a disclaimer, I don’t like mussels. Never have and thought I never would. Until I ate these. The garlicky broth masked the sea-salty taste I usually loathe. The added crunch of almonds made it that much better. Could have also been the dim lighting that skewed my vision of those slimy creatures.

Scallops (gluten-free): I didn’t take a copy of the menu and it’s not posted online, so I’ll do my best to remember what was in each dish. These were GF; with a beet puree, peas and that’s about all I can recall. But I do recall them tasting fabulous & fresh.


Flounder (gluten-free): With leeks, and um – that’s about all I got for ya. I was hesitant because it looked crusted, but it was only pan seared with spices so GF baby! I love fish and thought it was great.

Sides of beets (gluten-free) (decent) and kale with bacon and almonds (gluten-free) (amaze).

Bottle of vino and for dessert, I got the cheesecake. They were kind enough to slice off the crumb bottom and make it edible for me. It was perfectly portioned (about the size of a coaster and 1/2 inch thick).

Definitely worth a trip up north. And as Portland Maine would say…. Eat me Oregon!


Rating: A
Pros: Some seriously fresh, perfectly cooked fish. Small town ambiance and vibe.
Cons: Could be a pro but the menu changes daily – so don’t get your heart set on one dish.
Fore Street on Urbanspoon
Fore Street: 288 Fore St, Portland, ME 04101, USA (207) 775-2717

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