DiMillo’s on the Water

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What was clearly a tourist trap, my desire for the coveted Maine lobster brought us to DiMillo’s on the Water.

“In December 1982, “DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant” opened her doors and became the only floating restaurant on the upper East Coast.” Um, the Frying Pan anyone?? Have they not been to NYC?

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they not only knew what gluten was, but had a gluten-free menu! Per the usual, it was about 1/8th the size of the normal menu.

I was surprised to see that the lobster bisque and lobster roll (sans bread) was not on this menu. However, I was with a few people and didn’t want to start my typical interrogation of the waitress so I ordered:

Lazy Lobster: Fresh Maine lobster meat sauteed in butter (gluten-free): More like drowning in butter. Someone save this poor lobster. And it was missing the large, succulent chunks that I was yearning for (this photo is from Yelp not from me). Whatever Maine!

PS: the cole slaw was great.

Soup of the Day: Carrot Bisque (gluten-free): When I hear carrot and soup I think of the all natural kind you would find at Candle Cafe or Organic Ave. This was rather creamy for my taste but it was only GF soup option.
My fellow diner got:


Lobster Bisque: As you can tell, it looked great, which by my standards means its probably not GF and I can’t eat it. Yeah, fml.
And his entree:

Lobster Roll with French Fries: Ya know there is something to be said about the fact that this is not GF (sans bun). Well DiMillos, we got Luke’s Lobster in NYC and not only can I order it sans bun, Luke is hot and will let me bring in my own GF roll.
Ok I sound like an evil bitch, but honestly it’s the gluten intolerance talking, not me.
Overall, I’d say to try and scope out a more “locals only” spot. They seem to have the best grasp on the grub.

Rating: C-
Pros: Beautiful view of the water. Have a GF menu
Cons: The food reminded me of getting Italian at a diner – something was just off.
DiMillo's Floating Restaurant on Urbanspoon

DiMillo’s On The Water: 25 Long Wharf, Portland, ME 04101, USA

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