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I’m usually not a fan of hauling ass to the UES on a cold, misty day. However, if it means seeing the lovely faces of friends or eating delicious vegan food (where they usually are well versed on GF grub), I’ll make an exception.

Enter V-Note, an “organic winebar and vegan bistro” brought to you by the creators of Blossom. Have to admit – not a huge fan of the name but who am I to criticize.

As expected, they had a gluten-free menu and I wasn’t shot a nasty look by the waiter for asking for it. It was like taking a xanax for my dining out anxiety – so relaxing.

I ordered:

Barbecue Tempeh served over horseradish creme fraiche, potato salad w/ roasted corn and avocado (gluten-free): Licked the plate clean – literally. OK not literally - but I could have. It was that good. I’m beginning to love vegan food more & more each day.


BLT w/ crispy fried tofu, tempeh bacon, lettuce & tomato: Clearly not my order. That bun is loaded with gluten.  I have never had vegan bacon and wanted to try a piece, but was informed it was not GF.


Drunken Fruit Parfait layers of brandy infused peach & mango, pecan oat crumble, port infused blue & blackberries, topped with vanilla cream (gluten-free): The one dessert listed as GF which is rather deceptive since I am pretty sure a few of the other options were as well. Good – but not as good as this looked….

Chocolate Ganache Cake w/ peanut butter center: I should have took a picture of the side because it looked amazing. I finally caved and asked the waiter why I couldn’t have a bite since ganache is typically GF. He said because there was a small crust at the bottom. I tactically scooped around the crumbs and secured a delicious nibble. Mmm.
Next time I plan on trying the beet salad (gluten-free) (my 2nd choice):
Big ups to V-Note for changing my perspective on Vegan food (not vegan people – kidding).
Rating: A
Pros: Healthy, fresh & have a GF menu
Cons: Honestly, who the hell wants to travel to 81st and 1st. Not I.
V-Note on Urbanspoon
V-Note: 1522 1st Ave, New York, NY 10075, USA

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