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Last night I attended a work dinner at China Grill. As embarrassing/annoying as being a Celiac can be while dining out with others, it is amplified when dining out with other professionals.
Thankfully, China Grill came through with a special pre-fixed GF menu just for me! Everyone else’s meals were sharable, while I got 4 courses just to myself (cue the oinking).
I have to give a shout out to the waiters at this place – they were super understanding and helpful! And also thought it was funny to call me out in front of everyone for having the “special” dishes.
Most of their dishes I was okay with not eating – except the below 2:
Tempura Tuna Sashimi w/ hot mustard champagne sauce: Looked hellah good. I wasn’t about to start a 5th grade science project and dissect the gluten out of those pieces – so unfortunately no reviews.
Lobster Pancakes stir frieds w/  mushrooms, red chili, scallions & coconut milk: This picture (not mine) doesn’t do the dish justice. It looked like mini burritos of some sort. My sweet waitress heard me say, ”wow those look amazing” and brought me over a side dish of the inside lobster/shroom mix. It was good so I can only imagine how good the actual dish was.
They got a ton of other things, but who cares. On to the glutenless dishes:
Chicken Satay w. carrot and daikon salad: Not sure why they called it satay since there was no peanut sauce. It was basically chicken skewers, but tasty ones. I asked for a side of the GF salad dressing and used that to dip which the waiter thought was brilliant (I hear that often).
Crispy Spinach: Definitely took the healthy aspect out of spinach. It was awesome though.
Pan Seared Spicy Tuna w/ avocado sashimi, seaweed and cucumber salad: Again – not my picture so no clue what the pancake looking thing is. All I know is that it wasn’t on my dish and that my dish was awesome. I almost fork stabbed the guy sitting next to me who tried to take a piece.
Lobster Mashed Potatoes: Not tryna hate but I’ve had better
Bananas in a Box: This was on a platter of 5 different other desserts which became obsolete once my eyes were fixated on this scrumptious looking tower. I was brought a plate of sorbet which I quickly pushed aside and asked them to bring me the banana filling and whipped cream from this bad boy. So good, not okay.
I can confidently say that I have not been this painfully full since last Thanksgiving. And I hope to never feel this way again.
Rating: A
Pros: GF menu! (limited options though). Great food.
Cons: Pricey – but I didn’t pay so whatever.
China Grill on Urbanspoon
China Grill: 60 W 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, USA

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