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With these 80+ degree mid-April days, I am beginning to fiend ice cream on the reg. Lucky (or unluckily) for me, I live right near a Pinkberry and work right near a Grom.

I’ve been to Grom numerous times, but never since I was diagnosed with celiac. Upon returning, I was pleasantly surprised to hear how gluten-friendly Grom is.

Not only do they have a chart on their website showing what you can and cannot eat, Grom also collaborates with the Italian Celiac Association. All their staff is trained to avoid cross contamination and educated to know what celiacs can/cannot eat. Love it!

Owned by Frederico Grom and Guido Martinetti, this shop, with 3 NYC locations, is serving up authentic Italian gelato, straight from the motherland.

No seriously, they ship their ingredients direct from Italy and pride themselves on the quality.

“Everything comes from Italy: the cones, the nougat, everything. Because we wanted to offer real Italian gelato.”

- via Businessweek

So do you get what you pay for?

Unless you’re not into food porn, I’m assuming you’ve come to the same conclusion as me…..Yes! Grom’s gelato is amazing.

But to be fair, the best gelato that I have ever tasted was Santa Trinita’s blueberry muffin gelato in Florence Italy:

Rating: A
Pros: High quality, authentic ingredients. Super celiac friendly.
Cons: Some find it pricey. I think it’s worth every penny.
Grom Gelato on Urbanspoon
GROM: 2165 Broadway, New York, NY 10024, USA

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