Tres Pupusas

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Another gem I uncovered at the Boulder Farmer’s Market was Tres Pupusas. Yes I thought the exact same thing; “Three what??”

To put it simply, as Wikipedia does not, a pupusa is a thick corn tortilla cake with different ingredients cooked in. Example: spinach and melty cheese mmm.

Oh and guess what?

Gluten Free baby, yeahhh! What did I tell you about Boulder? I wasn’t lying.
I went with this:
Spinach & Cheese Pupusa w/ side of corn & black bean salsa and gauc (gluten-free): I threw some hot sauce on mine because I like to keep things spicy. Glorious – that’s how I would describe this. Absolutely glorious.
If you are fortunate enough to live in one of these places, you can purchase your very own frozen Tres Pupusa:
Us New Yorkers on the other hand? Not so lucky.
Tres Pupusas-Boulder Farmer Market too! on Urbanspoon
Tres Pupusas: 2825 Wilderness Pl, Boulder, CO 80301, USA

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