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Typically when I visit places I like to try something new so I was a little bummed when I was taken back to The Buff for breakfast. Nevertheless, this was my first time eating there as a celiac and their breakfast was pretty damn good so I couldn’t be that upset.

The Buff was also featured on Man vs. Food. Peep a clip here.

Although they had a nice selection of gluten free breads for sandwiches and gf pancakes, I decided to go with:

Egg White Omelete w/ avocado, onions and tomatoes (gluten-free): Yes the bread is mine, yes it’s gluten free and yes it’s cinnamon raisin. Beat that iHop. Drizzled with a little hot sauce – who could ask for anything more.

Then I totally pulled a reverseΒ Diet Coke & Cheeseburger and ordered this:

Iced Mocha: Oh hell ya.

Other orders at the table:

Pancakes: The non GF kind.


Bee L Tee Tee Bacon, Turkey, Blended Cheddar and Tomato w. mayo: Not just one T, you got 2. I sadly couldn’t have a fry because they were “dusted with flour at the factory”. Very considerate of the server. I definitely miss that.


Rating: A
Pros: Gluten-free friendly. Awesome breakfast/brunch food.
Cons: They messed up my order. Not once, not twice – but three times!! But, I did end up getting it for free.
The Buff Restaurant on Urbanspoon

The Buff: 1725 28th St, The Village Shopping Center, Boulder, CO 80302, USA

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