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My long awaited trip to Rubirosa finally became a reality this past weekend. I literally could not contain my excitement. I’m pretty sure I counted down the days, even the hours, until we made our way over to this NoLita eatery which offers an extensive gluten-free menu.

I can honestly say that prior to Sunday, I have not had pizza since pre November 2011 (celiac diagnosis), and that is a damn shame. However, I did leave off on a high note so any pizza would be hard pressed to live up to my last pie:

Gusta Pizza – Florence, Italy

I heard rave reviews about Rubirosa’s vodka pizza, and white pizza is one of my favorites, so I pleaded with my friend to split a gluten-free half vodka/half bianca pie with me.

Being that she is not gluten-free, I give her props for splitting the GF version vs. trying the real thing. That’s what you call a true friend people.

The anticipation almost killed me. But finally, it arrived:

Half Vodka, Half Bianca w/ artichokes gluten-free pie: I doused the slices in red pepper flakes and giddily engorged myself in pizza. Although you could definitely taste the difference in the bread, the pizza was still awesome. My friend & I both preferred the vodka slice. The cheese on the bianca slice didn’t melt in correctly. I’m sure it has something to do with the GF dough.

We also ordered:

Gluten-Free Mozzarella Sticks: I asked our wonderful waiter if we should order sticks or balls (rice balls you dirty minds), to which he replied the sticks. I probably would have ordered both but we stuck to the above. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Melty cheese, crispy outside and didn’t taste GF.


Brussels Sprouts w/ Sopressata (gluten-free): I didn’t even ask my friend if we were getting these because at this point it is just assumed that we order sprouts if they’re on the menu. On my expert 1-10 sprout scale I’d say these were a solid 9. Close to absolute sprout perfection. The sopressata was a perfect touch.

No dessert for us – this meal was plenty.

I was curious why they offered so many GF options and asked our waiter. He let me know it was basically put together so that people with celiac or sensitivities could eat family style Italian food. They wanted to cater to all people.

Now that is a smart business model!! Big ups to the folks at Rubirosa.

UPDATE (2/20/13):

After searching for a GF-friendly place to host my birthday dinner, I instantly remembered this place. I contacted them about a large party reservation and was able to put together a pre-fixe menu. They customized some of the orders (mozz sticks, meatballs, pizza) to be GF.

And to top it all off…a gluten-free flourless chocolate [amazing] birthday cake!!



By the way. check out this video from Joe & Pat of Rubirosa:

Rating: A
Pros: Gluten-free menu! Oh, an excellent food & friendly staff.
Cons: Hard to get a reservation during peak times.
Rubirosa on Urbanspoon
Rubirosa: 235 Mulberry St, New York, NY 10012, USA

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