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While searching for a casual, Sunday night dinner with outdoor seating, I remembered someone mentioning to me that Banc Cafe labels their menu with gluten-free options. Perfection.

Apparently this eatery was once a bank in the 1920′s – hence the name. Of course they swapped the “k” for a “c” to be uber-trendy.

Although the online menus are not labeled, I can personally assure you that the actual menus at the restaurant are:

We decided on sharing a few dishes including:
Chopped Salad w/ french beans, feta, onions, mushrooms, tomato & almonds (gluten-free): Exactly what type of salad were they trying to go with here? First you get greek with the feta, but then they throw in shrooms and almonds to throw you off. I was confused and not amused with this dish.
Brussels Sprouts w/ bacon (gluten-free): Apparently they didn’t realize that I, the brussels expert, was coming to dine and served me this disgraceful attempt at sprouts. Soggy, buttery soaked sprouts with even soggier bacon. I am almost getting sick remembering that I actually ate that.
Sweet Potato Hash (gluten-free): This sounded good but didn’t live up to the internal hype I gave it in my head. The pieces were so small you couldn’t really enjoy the sweet potato texture/flavor. Too much oil on this dish also.
Ok ok, not everything was bad. Here are the two dishes that kept this sinking ship afloat:
Tuna Tartare w/ avocado, wasabi paste and chili sauce (gluten-free): It was labeled GF but not sure what those crackers were doing in the mix. And speaking of the crackers, why were they placed like wings or propellers on a plane? Was my tuna about to take flight right off my plate? Anyway – a decent tartare of tuna.
Blackened Scallops w/ corn salsa and dill sauce (gluten-free): My favorite dish of the night.
We hit up Ralphs on the way home for some italian ice which made me feel better about my overall Sunday night dinner.
Rating: C
Pros: Yes, every restaurant will get a mention for gluten-free menu in the pros if they have one. It is always a pro in my book.
Cons: Very inconsistant amongst the dishes.
Banc Café on Urbanspoon
Banc Cafe: 431 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA

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