Rice to Riches

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Or rice pudding to fatass. But honestly, who cares when the store has such motivating signs on display, such as:


Very inspiring. I’m surprised my gym doesn’t take the same approach to signage.

Anyway, I do remember seeing the exorbitant calorie/fat content once at Duane Reade but decided to hell with it. I can barely eat desserts as it is and if rice pudding is gluten-free and delicious, then why not. Yes you can make that your next sign, Rich to Riches.

I asked to sample almost every flavor before the server starting giving me evil glares.

Since the smallest size only allowed for one flavor (disappointment), I had to think fast.


Fluent in French toast it was:

I must say, for the hours, yes hours, I would have to spend on the treadmill the next day to burn this off, it was definitely worth it. I couldn’t finish the whole thing though; it was heavy and I was full from dinner. But definitely a gluten-free must try.

PS: I was told all flavors were gluten-free except cookies & cream.

Rice To Riches on Urbanspoon
Rice to Riches: 37 Spring St, New York, NY 10012, USA

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