Fornos of Spain

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For Father’s Day this year we decided that Newark was a good in between spot to meet, plus they have some hidden Spanish & Portuguese restaurants that we wanted to try.
Since it was ultimately Dad’s choice, he picked Fornos of Spain.
I would have preferred an NYC spot but I will save that for daughter’s day.
Upon sitting they gave us these amazing homemade potato chips (that I forgot to take a pic of – sorry). They were thickly sliced, a mixture a crunch and soft and apparently gluten-free (they are fried in their own fryer). Mmm-azing.
That wasn’t they only freebie we got. They also put a basket of garlic bread, a small bowl of olives,
and a large plate of salad:
However, free means nothing when you have to wait an hour for your entrees (just saying).
They also gave some green beans for the table with our meals, which were:
Pollo Al Ajillo (Chicken in Garlic Sauce): This wasn’t my dish but it looked pretty good. I didn’t bother asking if it was GF because I had enough food to nibble on.

Side of Sprouts w/ Bacon: I am a sprout snob we all know this. These were not my fave – again – keep em crispy and you got me hooked.

Black Sea Bass: Me, my father and my sister all got this dish. They chose grilled (above), while I got mine blackened. They looked so similar which is why I didn’t bother posting both. Light and tasty. Also came with killer (GF) mashed potatoes which I tried hard to avoid.

Now if it wasn’t summer and bikini season, I would have definitely gotten this glorious dish of melted cheese that our neighbors were snacking on:

Have no idea what this was and was not about to find out because it took every inch of restraint not to order it.
Worth a trip to Newark? Definitely. Can you find food just as good in NYC? Definitely. The choice is yours.
Rating: B
Pros: Family style, authentic Spanish cuisine. You will not leave hungry, I promise.
Cons: Don’t know if this is typical or because it was Fathers Day, but our food took an hour to come.
Forno's of Spain on Urbanspoon
Fornos of Spain: 47 Ferry St, Newark, NJ 07105, USA

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