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Another bi-coastal restaurant that also has a home in Miami is STK. Having been to the NYC location several times, I know this place is always a reliable, fun time.
We decided to have dinner there on night 1 of my sister’s bachelorette. Not only was the food awesome, the dj blaring the beats turned our dinner into an all out dance party – perfect!
After starting it off with a champagne toast, we ordered (to share):
Beef Carpaccio w/ mustard lemon aioli, arugula & shaved parmesan (glutenfree): One of my favorite dishes. People are usually skeptical of eating raw beef, but once you try this you will be hooked.
Burratta Salad w/ local heirloom tomato, kalamata olives & pine nuts (glutenfree): If you like cheese, you will love burratta. It is not your typical mozzarella – it is oozy, goey and phenomenal. Loved this.
Big Eye Tuna Tartare: While I was informed several times by our “I know what allergies are” waiter that this was gluten free, I was beyond pissed when I almost ate a piece of crispy onions. I literally knocked my wine over trying to tell the waiter that he was wrong and almost ruined my night.
Shrimp Rice Krispies in a shrimp bisque: The bisque had flour so not GF. Had I known that they poured it on tableside, I would have snatched a shrimp before the waiter did. Too late though.
Lil BRGs, wagyu, special sauce (glutenfree w/u bun): What I was looking forward to the entire day. I’ve had these in NY and they are the bomb. What really makes these burgers amazing is the caramelized onions hidden under the cheese. So so good.
Mac & Cheese side: This makes me sad.
Brussels Sprouts side (glutenfree): And this makes me happy. STK clearly has some experience making sprouts the correct way.
Grilled Octopus w. shaved fennel & mango escabeche (glutenfree): Don’t have too much to say about this – it was good though.
We topped the meal off with an order of the donuts outfitted with a sparkler. While I am usually upset when I can’t eat something, knowing I was in a bikini for the rest of the weekend kept my feelings at bay.
And if you live in NYC and haven’t already, make sure to check out STK Rooftop in Meatpacking:
Lovely outdoor dining, on a roof. Doesn’t get much better.
Rating: A
Pros: Fun, party scene that was in our hotel..and wagyu sliders.
Cons: My tight dress didn’t look too hot when we hit the club after.
STK Miami (The Perry Hotel) on Urbanspoon
STK Miami: 2377 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

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