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It was Sunday of bachelorette party weekend #2 and I could no longer deal with the sun, the alcohol or the hotel food. I paired up and decided to venture out for one last Miami meal before we hit the airport.

My friend’s suggestion was Big Pink owned by the Myles Restaurant Group, which also owns Prime One Twelve, Prime Italian, Nemo and Shoji Sushi.

I decided that after a weekend of eating crap I would order a salad and try to be healthy.

That was until I saw the Polenta Fries listed on the menu. Upon confirmation that they were gluten-free, I threw my inhibitions out the window and decided to save my diet restart until Monday.

World Famous “Nemo Polenta Fries” served w/ homemade spicy ketchup (glutenfree):  Since the sweet potato fries were not gluten-free, I was ecstatic to statisfy my french fry craving with these. Amazzing. They didn’t even need the ketchup, the sweetness of the polenta had enough flavor on it’s own.

My original attempt at being healthy:

Middle Eastern Chopped “9 Veggie” Salad (glutenfree): I nixed the celery and asked for avocado instead. I also got it topped with rotisserie chicken and the balsamic vinaigrette (glutenfree) on the side. Just what I was looking for – a huge (literally huge) healthy salad.

My friend ordered:

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich: She nixed the tomato and added swiss and avocado. I honestly think they used an entire baby chicken to make that sandwich. Thing was huge.

and a side of:

Sweet Potato Fries: Not gluten-free (fries themselves are fine but they are fried in same oil as floured items). According to my friend they were soggy. Looked good to me though.

This meal was beyond satisfying. I was actually so full I was in pain (per the usual). The portions are huge so either come hungry, share or pack a doggie bag.

Rating: B-
Pros: Although they had to confirm with the chef, the restaurant knew what was gluten-free. Definitely get some bang for your buck.
Cons: Touristy.
Big Pink on Urbanspoon
Big Pink: 157 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA


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1 Comment

  1. We met the owner or partner of Big Pink who asked us if we had pink color tiles for the new place he was planning to open around Fort Lauderdale.
    We have the pink tiles now and we cannot reach him. Would you please pass this message to him and tell him to call or stop by us. We are on US1 Fort Lauderdale, right across Whole Enchilada Mexican Restaurant. Thank you, Tulin

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