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If it wasn’t for our exceptional Miami resident party planner, we would have never known or even thought about going to Ola for dinner.

Besides being an excellent planner, she also makes amazing jewelry and you should definitely check it out here: http://lolajamesjewelry.com/

Ola is hidden inside the Sanctuary hotel.  But to be honest, all you have to do is take a peak at TripAdvisor to see that this is listed as the #2 most popular restaruant in Miami and won the Travelers’ Choice 2012 award.

Just as important as the quality of the food is their understanding and acceptance of gluten allergies/celiac, and Ola was beyond accomodating in this category.

We had a pre-fixed menu, however, upon explaining to our server about my Celiac, he brought the menu over and pointed out gluten-free options for me to replace!

And to my astonishment, their dinner rolls were gluten-free, made of masa and cheese:


The choices from the pre-fixed (that were not gluten-free) were:

Chicharron, Crispy Rock Shrimp

Smoked Marlin Tacos


Plantain Crusted Mahi-Mahi over Braised Oxtail Stew


Pollo over Sweet Potato Gnocchi


Chocolate Cigar w/ candy matchsticks!!


My “special needs” dinner included:

King Crab Salad w/ jicama, green apple, butternut squash, pomegranate  & pumpkin seeds (glutenfree): Perfect summer salad. Light and fresh. It was layered almost like a lasagna – apple, crab, apple, crab. Loved the presentation!


Sugar Cane Tuna over goat cheese fondue, spinach & shrimp escabeche (glutenfree): Again, the presentation was excellent. I didn’t really get the goat cheese flavor from the fondue but regardless, it was very good. And I loved the few pieces of shrimp in the mix.


Flan De Queso Ice Cream w/ mixed berries and gauva foam: It came with pistachio cake which we nixed to make it gluten-free. Again, light and fresh – not a heavy dessert which was perfect.

There were also gluten-free sides for the table which included rice & beans and:

Shaved Brussels Sprouts w/ cashews: Not your typical sprout dish but it was still delicious.

Overall I was very pleased the food, and the service. Our waiter [insert name I forgot - sorry!] was extremely helpful which made the experience that much better.

Rating: A
Pros: Knew what was up with gluten allergies. Excellent food, presentation and service.
Cons: Some mahi complaints from the peanut gallery.

Ola Miami on Urbanspoon

Ola: 1745 James Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA

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