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Do you ever find that you overcompensate for the fact you can’t eat gluten by overeating something that is safe? Example: I can’t eat (most) desserts, but ice cream is usually fine.

Well I decided it was time for a treat, and I made sure to make it over the top.

I stopped by Sip ‘N Soda in Southampton NY for some ice cream. Most of the flavors were gluten-free:

Except of course Oreo and cookie dough. Since this place is a throwback ice cream parlour serving up homemade sweets, they knew exactly what is in them.

Feeling all 1950′s, I decided to get a banana split, and not to go, I wanted it in the original silver cup and I was going to sit there at the counter and happily eat it:

Banana Split with mint chocolate chip and chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, marshmallow, whipped cream and 2 cherries! In case you are allergic to egg, on a diet, or don’t like ice cream, this thing was obviously phenomenal.

Next stop – the gym.

Sip ‘N Soda
PS: They really are taking this 1950s thing seriously – no website or twitter. Sorry folks.

Sip 'N Soda on Urbanspoon

Sip N’ Soda: 40 Hampton Rd, Southampton, NY 11968, USA


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