Island Mermaid

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After a weekend of Fire Island debauchery, there is nothing I enjoy more than a morning brunch outside and then a trip to the beach to relax and watch the sunset.
Island Mermaid in Ocean Beach, Fire Island is the perfect place to perch up and order some hangover food, plus a bloody mary if you feel like reigniting that drunk fire.
Get there early enough and you can snag a seat outside with no wait, and not be overwhelmed by the mid-afternoon heat. Plus, you get a beautiful view and a nice sea breeze to keep your sweat glands at bay.
After eating terribly all weekend, not to mention the late night homemade nachos (my typical gluten-free, late night, drunk eats), I decided to go healthy this morning:
Mixed Greens Salad w/ summer veggies & honey balsamic (glutenfree): I asked to add a scoop of the lobster salad on top but my waiter said the chef is “very strict” and will only add what is mentioned on the menu [shrimp, grilled chicken, fried calamari or cheese]. So I went with the shrimp. The salad was fine. Definitely not what I wanted to be eating at that moment.
As soon as I saw my friend’s meal, I immediately became envious:
Lobster Rolls w/ curly fries (available glutenfree on bed of lettuce): Looked amazing and she made sure to tell us several times that it was. I convinced my other friend to share an order with me, but he would only eat it on the bun (understood). I asked the waiter if we could do an order, one in the bun, one out – to which he replied “our chef is very strict”. Ya ya I got it. Basically he said you can do without the bun or with – not both. Well you can do without my $20 then (which is what this will cost ya).
And my other friend’s order:
Tuscan Chicken Panini w/ roasted tomato, mozzarella & side salad: Taste with your eyes.
Feeling rather unsatisfied, I headed over to Ice Castle after brunch to grab some frozen yogurt before heading to the beach.
And because it’s Friday, and because I just bought tickets to see Fiona Apple in October at Terminal 5 NYC, here is a cool mix of one of her newest songs by the LOL Boys:
Happy weekend! :)
Rating: C+
Pros: Pretty views and fresh seafood.
Cons: Pricey for what you get (my house salad w/ 4 shrimp cost $17) – but this is Fire Island.
Island Mermaid on Urbanspoon
Island Mermaid: 780 Bay Walk, Fire Island National Seashore, Ocean Beach, NY 11770, USA

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