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There are several Serafina restaurants scattered throughout NYC and beyond, making it difficult to not try at least one of these Italian eateries.

I’ve been to 3 actually; Serafina Broadway, Osteria and most recently – Serafina MPD.

Usually I am hesitant about the food quality once there are more than 3 existing locations. However, Serafina cleared my cloudy judgement.

The MDP location held up in terms of quality and taste. Although our server was somewhat rude, a 2nd server? came to our table several times to check on us and make sure we were taken care of.

They do have gluten-free pasta (which I’ve had in the past), however, I opted out of carbs for the night and went with the Vegetarian Platter:

Vegetarian Platter (glutenfree): This is not my photo – it’s hers. This is basically spaghetti squash with tomato sauce and veggies. I asked for spicy tomato sauce instead. It was perfect. I love spaghetti squash but hate making it so when I see it on a menu, I’m pleasantly surprised.


Arugula Salad w/ parmigiano & cherry tomatoes in a fig vinaigrette (glutenfree): I love anything with shaved parm. Besides that, just a basic salad.

My friend ordered the spaghetti with half a lobster (not pictured). We decided to go sans dessert until we saw the “must be 21″ section, which included an array of alcohol infused sweets (champagne popsicle for example).

We went with:

Chocolate Mousse w/ Cafe Patron (glutenfree without the cookies): The patron was a bit overwhelming. I can handle a shot, but even with chocolate, by the spoonful was a bit much. I really like the concept though.

It ended up being a perfectly mild night so we sat outside and thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

My only complaint? Being known for it’s pizza, Serafina offers no gluten-free options which was extremely dissapointing. (Tartufo Nero aka truffle pizza – need I say more?).

Rating: A-
Pros: Ton’s of gluten-free Italian options
Cons: No gluten-free pizza exists here.
Serafina on Urbanspoon
Serafina MPD: 7 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014, USA

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