Lollapalooza ’12

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On August 2nd I hopped on my first (and last) Spirit Airlines flight to Chicago O’Hare in anticipation of a wonderful weekend of music, food, friends and partying, also known as Lollapalooza.

Having been there the year before and knowing that they only serve beer and wine to the general admission attendees, I prepared an alternate game plan known as: capture the vodka

…which basically was having my friends with VIP bracelets snag me some vodka/sodas from the bar area. Considering the fact that a glass Pinot Grigio would put me straight to bed, I didn’t really have a choice.
Suggestion #1 to Lolla: GF beer or sell vodka – preferably with lemonade.
I wasn’t in that much luck with the food situation either. I took a glance at the vendors before I went and the only thing that stood out “gluten-free” were donuts from Do-Rite.
Since I didn’t feel like picking things apart or asking 100 questions (or having donuts) I took another alternate route known as – eat a big breakfast and a late dinner.Suggestion to Lolla #2: Gluten-free stands!! Nachos, arepas.. anything!I’ll do separate posts on the breakfast spots but have to pay homage to the gluten-free pizza I ate at Malnoti’s on our way home from the festival:
Gluten-free pizza aka The Meatza: That’s right folks – you are looking at one gigantic sausage patty covered in cheese and sauce. I was looking forward to this almost as much as I was looking forward to the concert. While the concept was interesting and any food tasted amazing to me after not eating and dancing for 7 hours straight,  I felt sick to my stomach the next morning at the thought of eating slabs of cheese covered meat.
I also have to pay homage to the Meatza purveyors, who dealt with our drunk asses torturing them about the status of our pie:

MaryAnn & Luke

More Chicago grub reviews to come so stay tuned!

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