Tavern on Rush

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Situated amongst the plethora of restaurants in Viagra triangle (yes this is a real thing), it is hard to miss Tavern on Rush.
The restaurant’s outdoor tables were bustling with boisterous families, children and people eating breakfast before hitting up Lollapalooza for the day; which was exactly what we were doing.
On a Sunday afternoon with a party of 10, I was sure we would be waiting forever to sit. However, I was pleasantly surprised when we were seated within 5 minutes on the 2nd of level of this bi-level steakhouse.
Upon scouring the menu I came across the Naked Veggie Burger. I haven’t had a veggie burger in months because they are usually make with breadcrumbs, but surprise #2 of the day: this veggie burger was 100% gluten-free & vegan:
Veggie Burger (gluten-free, vegan): Since ordering as a Celiac is not difficult enough, I decided to throw in some curve balls to keep the waiter entertained.  Instead of raw veggies (that it came with) I asked for a side of cole slaw. I also also for a side of pesto mayo, which I usually love. However, this pesto mayo lacked any real pesto flavor so I didn’t use it. The burger was good & totally not what I was expecting. Really really moist, almost the consistency of flourless chocolate cake (if that makes any sense).
I ended up asking for tomato and onion then topped it with some slaw.
On a side note, they also offered a gluten-free crust for all their pizzas. However, no gluten-free bread was available for any of the sandwiches.
My friends ordered:
Bellevue Salad: rock shrimp, sweet onions, feta, tomato, heart of palm, balsamic: I didn’t ask but I would think you could order this with grilled shrimp vs. rock shrimp making it gluten-free.
Turkey Avocado Club: 3 decks sourdough toast, bacon, dill havarti, lettuce, tomato, mayo: Clearly not gluten-free and no gluten-free option available. The fries were also not gluten-free. I miss sandwiches.
And because Tavern on Rush instructed us to do so…
…get started we did:
Off to the races!
Rating: B-
Pros: Huge menu so plently of [gluten-free] choices.
Cons: When you don’t have a real focus or specialization, some dishes can lack.
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