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Considering it was the last week of summer, I was in Montauk and had yet to have a lobster roll, I knew I was not heading home until I got one (or at least lobster salad since ya know, the bun).

What better than grabbing some food at a local watering hole, that also has a “backyard” for dancing & drinking? [on stones by the way, so wear comfy shoes].

Also known as Cyril’s, this lobster shack/bar/beach bum party has been going strong for 22 years after Cyril Fitzsimon fled Manhattan, relocated to Amagansett and purchased this roadside piece of property.

You can spot Cyril hanging out at his joint almost everyday. Just look for the Irish guy with the deep tan, gold teeth and cig in hand & you’ve got your guy.

The first thing you’ll notice at the bar is the plethora of blenders churning away:

What’s in them? Cyril’s famous BBC (Banana Baileys Colada). Ask for a floater (rum on top). A part of me deep down knew I probably should check if Baileys is gluten-free, but another part of me really didn’t care because it looked awesome – so I got one:

According to the Bailey’s website:

Please be advised that the whiskey used in Baileys is manufactured by fermenting grain which contains Gluten. Due to the presence of gluten in the whiskey components before distillation we cannot absolutely guarantee that there are no effects to coeliacs. As we are not qualified to give medical advice persons requiring a gluten free diet should consult their medical adviser before consuming Baileys.”

For the record, while I felt great drinking this, I felt pretty horrible the next day. I’m not sure if I can contribute it to this or something else, but definitely consumed some type of  gluten because I had a reaction.

On to the food. For some apps:

Guacamole & Chips (gluten-free): Cyrils ain’t no fancy Mexican joint. They pour their tortilla chips straight out of a bag making them, you guessed it – gluten free! And the gauc was good.


Shrimp Cocktail (gluten-free): This was obviously ordered because it is GF. No one else wanted them but as soon as they hit the table, they were gone. So we ordered a second.


Oysters (gluten-free): As hard as I try, I just don’t like mussels. Something about the texture and look is just not for me.


Portobello Stuffed Mushrooms w/ Balsamic Vinegar, Goat Cheese & Roasted Red Peppers: I was unable to verify whether these were gluten-free or not. I tried asking the waiter but I think he was too overwhelmed already serving a table of 10 girls. I was tempted to just take a bite and see what happened, but I didn’t.


And the gluten-free and non-GF versions of the lobster roll:

Lobster Salad over Mixed Greens (gluten-free): Although I would have loved this in a bun, this was pretty amazing as well. There were thick chunks of lobster which is a must in lobster salad.


Lobster Roll w/ French Fries: I tried asking about the fries being GF but again, confused the waiter. I could do without french fries anyway.

And if you don’t want fries, you can always get the slaw (gluten-free):

After stuffing our faces, we made our way out back to dance some of the calories off. Overall, a Sunday afternoon well spent.


Rating: A
Pros: Laid back atmosphere. Perfect local spot to grab seafood, drinks and have a good time.
Cons: Young waiters who are not too knowlegable on gluten-free (or at least ours).

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