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If I had to name one thing that I truly miss as a Celiac – it’s the ability to walk into any deli or sandwich shop and order a nice big sandwich or wrap. I know you were probably thinking pizza or beer, but honestly, watching my friends eat their sandwiches while I (typically) chomp on my salad has really gotten to me.

Just as excited as I was to hear about Joni’s Kitchen, was my best friend who discovered it for me moments before lunch. “You’re going to die – they have gluten-free bread and wraps.”

I had to check this place out – & so I did.

The perfect little beach food stop. During busy season (aka summer), be prepared to wait on lines that easily go out the door. You’ll have some nice eye candy to look at though – this place is swarming with a young (good looking) crowd.

Montauk is filled with gluten-free friendly beach markets/delis. Not as much as Boulder CO, but still awesome.

I thought I hit the gluten-free jackpot when I discovered Herb’s Market, that was until I entered Joni’s Kitchen:


A huge bookshelf of gluten-free goodies. Not to mention there was another filled with chips and a counter with baked goods…


If it wasn’t for the fact that I was wearing a bikini, I probably would have grabbed and eaten everything in this place. I did make it there twice for lunch before I left and got:


Don’t Sing, Just Humm…homemade hummus w/ sprouts, carrots, tomato, cucumber, onion (added by me), in a gluten-free wrap: Not to sound all crazy but I’ve been waiting for this moment for close to a year – the day that I was reunited with my favorite lunch, a wrap. I honestly wished my friends filmed me eating this, because I was in heaven. (I know, sounds nuts but if you are a Celiac you know how I feel). I swear it wasn’t just because it was my first wrap in months, the ingredients used were uber fresh and delicious.

Joni - you rock, just sayin. Day #2 lunch was:

Gone Fishin’ fish taco w/ fish of the day (mahi mahi), salsa, green chiles, mixed greens, onions (I added) in a gluten-free wrap with a side of non dairy chipotle sauce & hot sauce: Phenomenal; just trust me on this. Fresh mahi in a warm wrap, sitting on the beach, being all gluten-free – life doesn’t get much better.

 I don’t know what upset me more; the fact that summer had come to an end, or the fact that I’ll probably have to wait another year until I revisit Joni’s.

Unless of course, she decides to open a spot in Manhattan, which I would wholeheartedly endorse.

Joni’s Kitchen
Rating: A+ (well deserved)
Pros: Everything - it’s amazing.
Cons: 150 miles from my house.

Joni's on Urbanspoon

Joni’s: 9 S. Edison St. Montauk, NY 11954 USA (631) 668-3663

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  1. Looks amazing – making me hungry

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