Metlife Stadium

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Summer’s over – but football season is just beginning! I grew up going to both Jets & Giants games, but eventually GangGreen won my fan-hood. I”ll always be a NY supporter though.

Anyway, going to the Jets season opener has been a tradition in my family now for years. What hasn’t been a tradition? Attending the game as a Celiac.

Talk about throwing a wrench in game day activities; no beer, no hot dogs/hamburger/sausage with buns. No chicken fingers.. you get my drift.

Well lucky for me and other gluten-free fans out there, most stadiums now cater to the GF community. In addition to a Captain Morgan full service bar on the 100 level concourse (near sec 143), MetLife Stadium is also serving Redbridge gluten-free beer at several bars located throughout the stadium.

Except for a couple of gluten-free stands (one is located by the Metlife gate on the 100 level concourse), most of the bars do not advertise the fact that they serve Redbridge, so make sure to ask! Again – look for the bars, not the Bud stands.

And for the food? If you hit up the gluten-free stand, you’ll have the option of gluten-free buns for burgers & hot dogs/sausages. If you don’t, here are some items you can grab that are gluten-free:

Nathan’s hot dog (sans bun) and french fries (gluten-free):

I got my fries without cheese because I was unsure whether or not it was gluten-free. Instead I used ketchup to dip.

Premio Sausage w/ peppers & onions (sans bun) is gluten-free. It was difficult to eat, but it was still amazing (particularly the spicy sausage)…

Not my actual photo (clearly I didn’t eat 15 sausages), but those are Premio. I was too busy trying to configure cutting the the sausage on my lap, with a spoon, to take a photo.

Rita’s italian ice or frozen custard (gluten-free)...

It was hella hot at the game Sunday and this was a perfect treat.

The usuals: peanuts, popcorn, (some) candy.. all gluten-free.

What I would beware of are the nachos:

I asked the guy behind the stand to see the box the actual chips came in, and they were in fact gluten-free. Again, I was unsure about the cheese sauce so I decided not to try these, until I saw the plate my friend got:

I pathetically couldn’t resist taking a few chips. I felt fine until I woke up the next morning (yes, that is today) with the dreaded gluten induced stomach cramps and hives all over my face/neck! I definitely learned my lesson – stay away from the nacho cheese at MetLife Stadium!

There are probably some more options available, so if you have any suggestions, make sure to leave a comment!!


Overall, it was a beautiful day, the Jets kicked major ass, and I’m excited that the season has finally begun! GO JETS! (and Giants)

MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium: 1 MetLife Stadium Dr East Rutherford, NJ 07073 (201) 559-1300

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