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It is not too often that I frequent Brooklyn, but every time I do, I leave there telling myself – I need to get here more often.

There are tons of restaurants, bars, markets to explore that you can easily spend a weekend there – which is exactly what I (almost) did.

I started my weekend Friday, at the King & Grove Hotel in Williamsburg.

We hung out on the roof (pictured above) which has a killer view of NYC. It was a nice change of pace from my usual Manhattan nights out.

Saturday we headed back across the bridge to check out Jay-Z at the new Barclays Center - aka home of the Brooklyn Nets (I got to get used to that).

Prior to the concert, we scoped out some nearby bars/restaurants and decided to check out Flatbush Farm- which is known for it’s organic/local produce.

I was still hungover from the night before and the last thing I could stomach at that point was a vodka/soda or glass of wine. That’s why when I was told they had gluten-free beer, I was thrilled.


Green’s Blonde Ale

This was the first time I had seen this type of GF beer. I thought it was amazing – tasted just like the real thing. Even better? The bottle was pretty big (16 oz. vs. traditional beer which is 12 oz.).

The bar menu, specifically the grilled cheese – sounded awesome. Unless I was looking to eat oysters, olives or cheese, there wasn’t much for me to choose from. Even the fries were not gluten-free.

I wasn’t looking for a huge meal so I shyed away from the dinner entrees, which looked more gluten-free friendly. Instead, all 6 of us decided to get burgers:


Bar(n) Burger

Bar(n) burgers – with the bun & fries. The garden burger (not gluten-free) had a side of bayo, which we later found out was basil or pesto mayo. We all asked for some on the side (hence the sauce you see).


GF bar(n) burger

Sorry it looks like a mess. I forgot to take a photo before I started constructing it. It was a good burger though. PS: the chef shot me a look of death when he came out see wtf was going on with this order.

And since I couldn’t have the fries, I decided I needed something else to make up for it. This sounded delicious:


Quinoa Salad

Quinoa Salad w/ eggplant, peppers & nuts (gluten-free without the crostini):  No joke – soo good. It had some small raisins in the mix and it was placed over an eggplant spread with some balsamic glaze.

We were satisfied and ready to roll to the concert, which was conveniently only about a 5 minute walk away. I didn’t have time to explore the arena for gluten-free options – so instead I went with some vino. I’ll be back there soon for the Legends Classic and hopefully can do some more research on the facility.

Brooklyn – they go hard.

Flatbush Farm
Rating: B+
Pros: Local/organic – and has gluten-free beer. Loved the ambiance & feel of the place.
Cons: I have Celiac! Please don’t scour at me because I asked for no bun. 

Flatbush Farm on Urbanspoon

Flatbush Farm: 76 Saint Marks Ave. Brooklyn NY 11217 USA (718) 622-3276


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