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Situated on the corner of 2nd Ave. and E. 2nd Street, the essence of Greek cuisine at Boukies now fills the walls of the space formally occupied by Heartbreak.

Restaurateur Christos Valtzoglou put the kibosh on his German themed restaurant Heartbreak and decided to open something more akin to his ancestry; Greek. The Pylos owner already has one Greek restaurant under his belt – now make it two.


While waiting for a third friend to join us, we decided to order a small plate to share. If you’ve ever been to Greece, you’ll realize that hummus is more of a middle eastern dish, and not many places actually serve it there.

That being said, hummus was not available on the menu. Instead, we ordered some tzatziki and of course, a side of cucumbers for the GF girl:


I was fortunate enough to sit with the manager and compile a Boukies Gluten-Free menu for you all.

Dishes around the table included:

Gigantes Ypirotikoi (GF)

Gigantes; aka giant greek beans that are awesome. Added bonus: feta & spinach.



Spanakotiropitakia (say that 3x fast): classic greek spinach-cheese phyllo triangles.


Keftedakia Klassika

Keftedakia is yiayia’s (grandma’s) meatballs, served with horiatiki salata relish.


Horiatiki (GF)

Horiatiki is a classic Greek salad – which means no lettuce.


Paidakia Galaktos Stin Schara (GF)

In english; marinated grilled baby lamb chops, served with lemon potatoes & string beans.


And since there was a gluten-free dessert available, I took it as a sign that we should be ordering it:

Sokolata Krya me Rodakina (GF)

This was a chocolate ganache with grapefruit compote and pistachio crumbles. It reminded me a chocolate fudge; very rich.

Great meal, fabulous company and made it home in time to watch Homeland. Perfect Sunday evening.


Rating: A
Pros: Authentic (delicious) Greek cuisine.
Cons: You may be subject to watching your friends eat meatballs and phyllo while your GF tastebuds cringe.

Boukiés on Urbanspoon

Boukiés: 29 E 2nd St New York, NY 10003 USA (212) 777-2502


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  1. You making me want to go here

    • well I think you should go then – & tell them nycgrubber sent you!!

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