Bocca Di Bacco

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When deciding where to grab some decent food and drinks before a Fiona Apple concert at Terminal 5, I was left with little options. I know I live in NYC, but Hells Kitchen is practically foreign land to me.

I spent a decent amount of time googling what was in the area before I found Bocca Di Bacco, an Italian wine bar on 9th Ave.

There are actually a slew of restaurants along 9th Ave that look pretty good; many of which I will hopefully try one day.

We grabbed a table and immediately ordered a bottle of wine (it was a long day). I then asked to speak with the manager and put together a Bocca Di Bacco Gluten-Free Menu for you all. Check out the original menu here (not too many things you can’t eat).

My sister went with pasta & I went with the branzino, which was great:

Fettuccine Alla Bolognese

Branzino Grigliato


Everything was perfect and we weren’t overly full; which is something you do not want to be if you’re headed to a concert.

The manager even brought us out a gluten-free dessert, which was made of sorbet, champagne, mango puree and coffee bean “sprinkles” on top. It was delicious & refreshing, not to mention a super cute & easy idea if you are hosting a party at your home.

Sorbet – Champagne Dessert

My only complaint for the night? It is nearly impossible to get a cab leaving Terminal 5! On top of the fact that you are practically in the middle of no where, there is a mass exodus of people scrambling for whatever cabs they can find. My advice: walk to the subway or call a car ahead of time.


Bocca Di Bacco
Rating: B+
Pros: Huge wine selection and tons of gluten-free options
Cons: No gluten-free pasta dishes (yet at least) 

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