Brinkley’s Station

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It may not draw the same downtown crowd as Brinkley’s SoHo, but Brinkley’s Station - the newest outpost by brothers Tom & Anthony Martignetti, is still holding it’s own on the UES.

Maybe it was the dislocation of all the downtown dwellers to the UES during Hurricane Sandy, but when I stopped by to check out Brinkley’s Station (during the infamous south Manhattan blackout), the place was swarming with a young, hip crowd.


Lucky for my friends, I was smart enough to make a reservation, knowing that the power outage made for tirelessly long waits at neighborhood spots.

My eye’s were immediately drawn to the eggplant & chickpea burger, which I found out was not gluten-free. The regular burgers & yard burger were GF (sans bun & fries) as well as:

Shares: Chickpea hummus w/ veggies; Baja fish tacos; Cheese board

Main Courses: Pounded chicken & romaine salad; Brussels sprouts & kale salad, Grilled fish (no chips); Grilled NY strip (no creamed sprouts)

It’s not good to share when you can basically only eat 1/5 of the menu – but we made it work:


Baja Fish Tacos (GF)

Fried Calamari

Roasted Garlic Hummus (GF w/ veggies)

Brussels Sprouts & Kale Salad (GF)

Eggplant & Chickpea Burger w/ sweet potato fries

3 Cheese Mac & Cheese


Brinkley’s Station is a nice change to an area laden with Irish pubs & wine bars.

And never forget, all you downtowners – it was our doors you were knocking on last week for shelter. So think next time you go to make a snide remark about living uptown!


Brinkley’s Station
Rating: B
Pros: Good food to nosh & share in heart of Midtown/Upper East.
Cons: Limited GF options – & don’t expect to go there and catch some football – no (or few) tvs. 

Brinkley's Station on Urbanspoon

Brinkley’s Station: 153 East 60th St. NY, NY 10022, (646) 922-7220




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