5 Napkin Burger

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What does cheesey hamburgers and sushi rolls have in common? 5 Napkin Burger – a burger joint serving up an eclectic menu filled with several tempting burger variations and yes, sushi rolls amongst other non-relating items (pork taquitos?).

With locations in and around NYC, 5 Napkin Burger got it’s start as a menu item at Nice Matin on the UWS. After receiving rave reviews of it’s burger, the boys behind Nice Matin, Simon Oren and Andy D’Amico, decided to carry the name over to a new spot.

I headed over to the Hell’s Kitchen location after some company holiday party debauchery.


While 5 Napkin does have gluten-free buns (!) I was going to try and be relatively healthy and order a Burger Salad instead.

I wanted to get the veggie burger but was informed it is not gluten-free. All the other burgers are, except for the tuna burger (soy). I went with the beef:


Beef Burger Salad (GF)

As soon as I heard the french fries were gluten-free (which most places they’re usually not – SFCC [same fryer cross contamination]), I had to order them. There goes my attempt at being healthy.


French Fries (GF)

We also got a side of vinegar slaw (GF) and pickles (GF):


Bread & Butter Pickles (GF)

And as for a regular ‘ol cheeseburger:


Cheeseburger & Fries

As far as the burgers go, they were great – juicy and huge, oh yeah. I have no comments on the sushi because we neglected to order it. I can’t justify a sushi/burger combo nor ordering sushi over a burger when the restaurant name clearly states what it probably excels at.

So there ya go.

5 Napkin Burger
Rating: B+
Pros: Nice selection of burgers (Italian, Avocado Ranch etc) – & gluten-free buns & fries!
Cons:  With S’Mores milkshakes and cheddar tots, don’t expect to stick to your diet and order sashimi (although you can).

 Five Napkin Burger on Urbanspoon

5 Napkin Burger (Hell’s Kitchen): 630 9th Ave, NY, NY 10036, (212) 757-2277




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  1. thanks for the info! i usually go to bareburger for a GF bun but so happy to hear about 5napkin!

    • You’re welcome!!
      Monkey Bar on 54th also has a GF bun for it’s burger – they told me when I ate there last week!

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