Cafe Mogador

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Unless you reside in Williamsburg or the East Village, not many people are familiar with the quant cafe known as Mogador.

Family owned and operated since 1983 in the E. Village,Β Cafe Mogador recently expanded across the river in Williamsburg. Having been to the original, I decided to check out the BK spot after scoping out the seasonal opening of Smorgasburg.


Serving up Moroccan & Mediterranean cuisine, it is super easy to not only eat gluten-free, but relatively healthy & clean – if you order correctly.

Not only does this happen to be some of my favorite food, but Mogador serves up everything so exceptionally well, I would probably frequent this place weekly if it was a bit closer to my apartment.

As for the grub:


(GF) Falafel


(GF) Cucumber Yogurt


Middle Eastern Eggs (GF w/o the pita – pictured w pita)


(GF) Chicken Skewer w/ harissa & cucumber yogurt


(GF) House Salad – doubled instead of rice


The one thing I didn’t get which is amazing is their hummus (GF) – just ask for a side of cucumbers instead of bread.

And if you feel like you need a little activity to walk off your brunch, take a stroll over the nearby Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan…then stop at Cafe Mogador in the east village for dinner (kidding…kind of).


Cafe Mogador
Rating: A
Pros: Delicious, fresh food. Come early for brunch to avoid the crowds.
Cons: Considering the amount of GF options – life would be easier if the menu was marked as such.

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Cafe Mogador: 133 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211, (718) 486-9222

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