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Mother’s Day would not be complete without a cheesy Hallmark card, a bouquet of flowers and a brunch reservation.

This year, instead of having my mom haul into the city, we bravely bus’ed it to the garden state (aka New Jersey) and made our way to Raymond’s in Montclair.


photo cred: urbanbydesignonline.com


Raymond’s does not take reservation so I was a little skeptical of having a long wait to be seated, especially since my Saturday night hangover was starting to set in.

Maybe because it was Jersey or maybe because everyone else decided to make a reservation elsewhere - our wait was only about 20 minutes. Ample time for a gift exchange with mom and some photo ops with the fam.

Now the only thing we had to wait on was my indecisive sister picking out what she wanted to eat (standard procedure).

 But alas, brunch was served:


Steak & Eggs w/ potato shallot cake

Steak & Eggs w/ potato shallot cake

 You could get this gluten-free by substituting the potato cake for home fries or something else.


(GF) Moroccan Spiced Veggie Burger w/ eggplant relish, harissa yogurt & Greek salad

(GF) Moroccan Spiced Veggie Burger w/ eggplant relish, harissa yogurt & Greek salad

Few times are veggie burgers actually gluten-free, so when I found out this one was – it was a must order (sans bun of course). Kind of a gooey texture, but it tasted good.


Cheeseburger w/ french fries

Cheeseburger w/ french fries


For the cheeseburger, you can obviously go GF without the bun. For the fries; you are dealing with cross contamination (oil). Eat at your own risk. Also, ask for it medium rare if you want it medium (my sister’s burger was overcooked twice).

Your best bet at Raymond’s? Probably the hot chocolate – it looked amazing, and they have Mexican spiced and white chocolate versions:


photo cred: baristakids.com

photo cred: baristakids.com


In typical grubber fashion, I skipped the hot cocoa and went straight for the homemade marshmallows (strawberry please). Um, yum…

(GF) Strawberry Homemade Marshmallow

(GF) Strawberry Homemade Marshmallow


I try not to eat marshmallows (gelatin disgusts me) but I just had to try it. And it was pretty damn good.

We ended up making it back into the city in record time. Since the weather was too nice to be indoors, and since my sister & I seem to have never ending stomachs, we made our way over to Madison Square Eats for some ilili brussels sprouts and Macaron Parlour macarons before heading home [find the photos on my instagram feed: NYC_Grubber].

Overall, a Mother’s Day well spent (& fed).


Rating: B
Pros: The drinks; hot chocolate, cappuccinos etc.
Cons: No reservations.

Raymond's on Urbanspoon

Raymond’s: 28 Church St Montclair, NJ 07042, (973) 744-9263



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