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Not only does Rayuela literally translate from Spanish to English as “hopscotch”,  but upon close inspection, you will notice that their logo actually resembles the childhood game.

Is chef Máximo Tejada a big fan of the playground skipping game or what? According to NYmag.com, it’s a “reference to Tejada’s penchant for grabbing culinary references from around Latin America and the world.” 



Another thing he grabbed from around the world? The Californian oak tree growing inside this LES restaurant. That’s right – there is a tree going straight up from the ground level lounge to the second level balcony.

I mentioned that I was gluten-free to our waiter and he said he would come back and let me know what I could have. What he didn’t mention is that he would come back with an amazing surprise – a gluten-free yucca flour dinner roll:


(GF) Dinner Roll

(GF) Dinner Roll

I know, who cares about a dinner roll – but this bread was amazing. Partially because I never eat bread anymore, partially because the yucca flour gave it a touch of sweet which tasted great with the olive oil, and partially because it was hot & steamy on the inside. If you weren’t already sold on the bread, now you are – Celiac or not.

The rest of the food we ordered included:


(GF) Tuna Rellena

(GF) Tuna Rellena: crab & shrimp wrapped in sashimi tuna, w/ cucumbers & avocado

My friends were kind enough to order this gluten-free – aka with no soy vinaigrette. Even without the sauce, I thought it was perfect.


(GF) Forbidden Rice w/ cannellini beans & bacon

(GF) Smoked Kale w/ Pine Nuts, Raisins, Pepper Flakes & BBQ Sauce

A different twist on kale. Heavy flavors for such a light vegetable.


(GF) Moros y Cristianos: forbidden rice w/ cannellini beans & bacon

(GF) Moros y Cristianos: forbidden rice w/ cannellini beans & bacon

I was told this was gluten-free but something about the dark rice made me nervous. I stayed away.


Short Rib "Nachos"

Short Rib “Nachos”

 Certainly my most envious dish of the night. It was not gluten-free.


(GF) Sea Bass

(GF) Sea Bass

This was a sea bass special over pea puree. It was delicious.


(GF) Brussels Sprouts w/ toasted almonds

(GF) Brussels Sprouts w/ toasted almonds

 A different take on brussels sprouts. Not as crisp as I like – but still pretty good.


Arroz Negro con Mariscons

(GF) Arroz Negro con Mariscons: squid ink calasparra rice w/ shrimp, scallops, pepper aioli & clam & olive oil foam

 This was gluten-free but not my dish.



Ice Cream & Donuts

And clearly this was not mine either. I’m sure this was fabulous though.  I really wanted to try the chocolate jalapeno ice cream but I opted out (bikini season).

Overall a meal well eaten.


Rating: A-
Pros: Gluten-free bread!! Cool ambiance & awesome cocktails
Cons: Off the beaten path. Drinks add up $$. 

Rayuela on Urbanspoon

Rayeula: 165 Allen St, New York, NY 10002, (212) 253-8840



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