The Little Beet

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If you looking to capitalize on the growing trend of health crazed New Yorkers, I’ve got news for you: NYC is not looking for another juice bar.

At this point juice bars are almost like Starbucks; there’s one on every other block. But you know what there is not enough of? Wholesome, local, healthy, GLUTEN FREE, grab & go food spots (with some juice available)

Enter The Little Beet, brainchild of Chef Franklin Becker & operating partner Andy Duddleston.

Chef Becker knows a thing or two about healthy eating. After being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at the age of 27, Chef Becker decided to change his cooking and incorporate more whole & healthy foods. On top of that, his son has celiac.


And guess what ladies & gentleman, the entire restaurant is gluten-free. Confirmed by Becker himself, even the sweet treats are from Tulu’s GF Bakery.

After sampling half the GF packaged goods (which are available for purchase), I had an extremely hard time deciding what to get since I wanted everything.

I decided to go with the below:


Starting with the salmon going clockwise: salmon, tofu, charred broccoli, charred cauliflower and quinoa with beets & arugula. ALL gluten-free & delicious.

I loved everything about this place, but my one complaint: they need to add some tasty sauces to include with each plate: think miso-tahini sauce or pesto – you get my drift.

100% guiltin’ (& gluten) free, you won’t feel beat after you try the little beat. You’re welcome for your next slogan.


The Little Beet
Rating: A
Pros: Not only gluten-free, but healthy and delicious.
Cons: Not open by my office.

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The Little Beet: 135 W. 50th Street, NY NY 10019, (212) 459-2338

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