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Weekly Round-Up 5/26

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In typical erratic weather fashion, last weekend was cold & rainy and now it is 90+ degrees outside. What gives, Mother Earth??

The only thing worse than being stuck indoors on a day like today is being stuck indoors working – both of which I am doing right now. (more…)

Weekly Round-Up 5/19

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It has arrived – Memorial Day Weekend aka the unofficial start to summer.

No matter how many Memorial Day weekends pass with crappy weather, I will still never learn my lesson and continue to venture out East to “lay out” under the overcast clouds in sub 50 degree weather.

On the bright side, it’s a 3 day weekend and an excuse to party your face off. But as I mention every year – lets not forget what this holiday truly celebrates; & that’s remembering the men and women who died while serving in the US Armed Forces.


Weekly Round-Up 5/12

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Happy mid-May people. In case you need a reality check, we are currently 1 week away from Memorial Day, 34 days away from summer and if you’re anything like me - 5 lbs behind your bikini goal weight.

How about you put that cookie down and read this week’s round up instead! (more…)

Weekly Round-Up 5/5

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Since pictures speak louder than words…



The only day better than Friday is Saturday. Well, and also Sunday. But one thing is for sure, Monday is definitely the worst.

Any way – your weekly round-up!! (more…)

Weekly Round-Up 4/7

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Ahoy mates and happy Friday to you. I can’t help but think of a sailor with the sound of my building creaking while it “sways” with the 50mph+ winds outside on this beautiful day!

Anyway – I know I’ve been slacking on the posts/round-ups, but that is what typically happen when the realities of life catch up to you so I sincerely apologize. I know this is the highlight of your week and I will try to be more consistent ;) .


Weekly Round-Up 3/3

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Just when you thought we were in the clear, cruising along into Spring, leaving the days of Winter in the rear view mirror, another snowy/wintry mix is hurled our way just in time for the weekend.

When I was younger I used to look forward to snow because that usually meant no school. However now that I am a young professional, all snow means is making my commute a pain in the ass and torture to my leather/suede shoes. (more…)

Weekly Round Up 2/24

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Keeping with with a day job, the gym, my laundry, errands, a social life and a blog leads one to have a very busy life. Which is why I wasn’t shocked today when my doctor told me my cortisol (aka stress hormone) levels were through the roof – the highest he’s every seen.

The good news? I now have an excuse to book unlimited yoga classes, manicures, massages etc etc – because  it will help keep my stress levels down…until I get my bills that is.


Weekly Round-Up 2/3

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There is nothing more imminent in the month of February than wintry mixes and sub zero temperatures. So I wasn’t surprised that as soon as we hit the first of the month, the temperatures took a deep dive and blizzards by the name of Nemo are ascending on NYC.


And speaking of Nemo – who comes up with these names? Sandy, Nemo…what’s next? Cinderella? Whatever – still waiting for storm Grubber to come through and at this point it doesn’t seem like that far of a stretch. (more…)

Weekly Round-Up 1/6

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2013. I bet back in the 80′s you thought by the time you hit this year there would be flying cars and phones implanted into our hands (or maybe not).

We have made some serious strides since the days of Full House – Honey Boo Boo anyone? All jokes aside, I am happy to be here and welcome yet another wonderful year into my life, filled with health, happiness, family/friends, winning the lottery and traveling the world. (more…)

Weekly Round-Up 12/16

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It’s here – the most anticipated day of the year, 12/21/12. The unofficial end of the world – or so says the Mayans. After watching tons of Discovery and History channel this week, I now know that the calendar is in fact depicted beyond this date by the Mayans, and it more or less symbolizes a shift in the peace & harmony of the world… (more…)